An interview with Janis Blums from Sweaty Soul

Janis is a former junior Australian High Jump Champion and Sydney AFL Captain, Best & Fairest Winner and Team of the Year Representative. He is currently serving his 10th year as a Fire Fighter for Fire & Rescue NSW and is the creator of FDPT – Fitness Development and Personal Training.

Coupled with his major in Psychology from the University of Sydney, Janis provides a highly educational approach that utilises behavioural change techniques within a client’s training program that not only inspires but also empowers them with the inner discipline necessary to take full ownership of their health and fitness, lifestyle and ambitions in the future.

    1. What is your all-time favourite type of work out and why?

      My go to would be a kettlebell complex workout that involves Turkish Getup’s, swings, cleans, goblet squats and windmills. It will definitely keep you really honest in form and technique but it will also give you gains in strength, stability, mobility, conditioning and motor control all in 20-30mins.

    2. What is your go-to snack/meal/drink pre- and post-training?

      Pre-workout would definitely be an Acai bowl with banana, strawberries, muesli, coconut and goji berries on top. Post-workout, a Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Matcha shake mixed with Good Green Stuff.

    3. If you had to choose the 3 most effective exercises – what would they be?

      Deadbug – It’s an amazing exercise to build core/pelvic stability, strength and motor control for all levels.

      Rows – These should be done frequently as they are a movement that promotes external rotation of the shoulder joint (as opposed to the pull/chin up that reinforces internal rotation aka rounded shoulders) whilst strengthening the muscles of the mid back that often become lengthened and weak from our highly sedentary lifestyles.

      Split Squat – Quite often the Squat is a movement that should not be loaded for a high proportion of the population due to common pelvic instability or insufficient mobility of the ankle, hip or thoracic regions. The Split squat however is harder to execute incorrectly, still gives you a super pump even without weight, helps correct asymmetries and improves balance.

    4. What makes Sweaty Soul unique to other fitness studios?

      Sweaty Soul offers Spin, Boxing, Pilates and FITHIT classes, so I think there’s always a fun choice to be made each day about what type of training they would like to do. Sweaty Soul Personal Training is unique because it’s completely private and gives the coach and client a really good learning environment without added noise and equipment delays.

    5. What is your no1. tip for someone starting a new training regime to keep them motivated?

      My number 1 tip would be for them to start by simply accepting where they are right now in terms of fitness and strength and not put too much pressure on themselves. To look at the new training as the beginning of a new journey for them and like all journeys there will be highs and lows and to celebrate the little gains and understand that each setback is a learning outcome. And make friends with people at the gym, its a great way to get excited about going to each session.

    6. What is your favourite CLP Functionals flavour?

      I can’t choose between the Vanilla Matcha and the Coffee, Coconut & MCTs!

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