An interview with Nick Walsh from Sweaty Soul

Nick Walsh is the owner and director of Sweaty Soul – a boutique, class-based Studio in Edgecliff, with an aim to improve your fitness levels and leave you feeling invigorated. Having had an extensive and awarded career playing and coaching AFL, Nick is now a defensive coach for the GWS Giants and currently completing his Masters in Performance (Strength and Conditioning).

  1. What is your all-time favourite type of work out and why?

    I love to Box. I have boxed since I was young but always trained at it as a secondary sport alongside of football. Boxing teaches you great discipline also.

  2. What is your go-to snack/meal/drink pre- and post-training?

    Since learning about the Nuzest range my new go to is the Clean Lean Protein Vanilla Matcha with ice cold water. Don’t mind throwing half a banana in from time to time.

  3. If you had to choose the 3 most effective exercises – what would they be?

    Movement preparation – to build efficiency when going to lift.

    Olympic lifting – in terms of full range for function (not necessarily heavy but dynamic)

    A combo of high intensity – to keep the body guessing and burning afterwards.

  4. What makes Sweaty Soul unique to other fitness studios?

    I guess I see Sweaty Soul as a boutique class-based studio that offers a range of classes – Spin, Boxing, Fit Hit & Pilates.

    At Sweaty Soul, we are very much in check with building a small community around the Edgecliff/Rushcutters area. We love our clients, we personally take the time to get to know them and we are very open and transparent with them. The small setting allows for very personal Training.

  5. What is your no1. tip for someone starting a new training regime to keep them motivated?

    Come down and try Sweaty Soul. Haha! No seriously, just come and try a class. You are guaranteed to find something that you’ll like and an instructor that motivates and challenges you. By sticking with them you will see benefits almost immediately.

  6. What is your favourite CLP Functionals flavour?

    Vanilla Matcha!

Follow Nick here:
Instagram: @sweatysoulsydney @nickowalsh
Website: Sweaty Soul Sydney

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