Interview with Vegan Professional Athlete Ben Allen

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Ben Allen is a World Class Professional Triathlete with over a decade of racing experience. He is a 20 x World Tour Off-Road Triathlon Champion, 2 x National Off-Road Triathlon Champion, National Adventure Racing Champion and 3 x Australian Surf Life Saving Champion.

Ben is based in Wollongong, Australia and from April through to October he joins the World’s Elite Endurance Athletes in Europe, basing himself in France.

    1. What do you love about being a professional athlete?

      I race on the Off-Road Triathlon World Tour, taking me to around 18 different countries, 5 different continents and over 50,000 miles of travelling. I am challenged on the racecourse, not only by my competitors, but also by Mother Nature. Climbing mountains, descending steep rock faces, running on uneven surfaces and dealing with inclement weather conditions. You definitely know you’re alive when your heart is beating out of your chest. The lifestyle keeps me fit, healthy and pro-active looking for that next adventure that is life.

    2. Why did you choose to become a Vegan athlete?

      Becoming a vegan has enabled me to sustain a peak physical and mental condition on and off the racecourse. Even from a young age I was a vegan without knowing I was one, I suffered with asthma and not eating meat and staying away from diary helped me breath better. I did start to eat a “normal diet” as a teenager but then suffered a lot of health issues and never performed to my potential as an athlete.

      I was studying to be a PE teacher at Wollongong University and a good friend of mind who is vegan, introduced me to a vegan lifestyle. Lets just say, it was a GAME CHANGER and my health has been the best it has ever been. At first I found it difficult to make the transition, due to not eating enough to fuel my athletic lifestyle, but now I feel like I have a new lease on life and have found ways to help me be healthy and happy.

    3. How does Nuzest help you perform at your peak?

      Nuzest plays an important role in my lifestyle being an athlete and vegan, allowing me to stay fuelled with all the essential amino acids and vitamins that my body needs, as I constantly am pushing it to its limits both physically and mentally. Not to mention travelling to countries where I am not able to get good quality food, I feel undernourished. But now with Nuzest’s help, I don’t worry at all as I know I have everything I need to fill in the gaps and keep me healthy and continue to live a well-balanced life.

    4. So why Nuzest?

      It’s simple really. All natural ingredients, packed full of all the essential amino acids and vitamins my body needs and I love all the functional flavours available depending on what my taste buds are craving that day. I take Nuzest on training rides, with Good Green Stuff bars and also have my post session recovery shake on hand to replenish my energy levels, ready to go again for the next session.

      I feel very honoured to be involved in Nuzest, I believe it is the BEST product on the market. The Nuzest family are passionate about wanting to make a different in your everyday life. A lifestyle where you feel happy, healthy and can live without feel yuk. You will be surprised how much your body will love you by fuelling it full of all the good stuff. Thanks Nuzest for giving me a new outlook on a happier and healthier life.

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