An Interview with Professional Footballer Lauren Barnes

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Lauren Barnes grew up in Upland, California. She was a four year starter on UCLA’s Women’s Soccer team, has been a member of the US Women’s National Soccer team since 2007 and most recently, in 2016 Lauren was in camp with the full women’s national team during the SheBelieves Cup where they were crowned champions.

Lauren is in her 4th season with the Seattle Reign FC which won the National Women’s Soccer League Shield two years in a row (2014, 2015) and she also has experience playing overseas in the Australian W-League with Melbourne Victory and Melbourne City.

  1. What do you love most about soccer?

    What I love most about sports is the character it helps build.  Soccer has given me a great foundation to succeed both on and off the field and given me the confidence to reach my full potential as a person.

    I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and meet some incredible people that are now my best friends.  Something I will always be thankful for.

  2. What’s your pre-match ritual?

    My favorite pre-match ritual is buckwheat chocolate Nuzest pancakes topped with fresh fruit, nuts and maple syrup 🙂

  3. How do you recover after a game?

    Within 30 minutes after a match I will have a Nuzest Protein Shake and something easy on the stomach such as sweet potato or even a couple slices of vegan pizza.  I will also drink hydration supplement to replenish my body of what its lost during competition. Lastly, REST!

  4. What made you decide to follow a vegan diet?

    I decided to follow a vegan diet because I wanted to make a clean impact on the environment and live as healthily as I can.

  5. Have you ever had any challenges, being a vegan athlete?

    I would say traveling has been the most difficult as a vegan athlete over the past few years.  I need to make sure that I find foods that are suitable for a vegan diet but also suitable to fuel my body for competition.

  6. What does your ideal day on a plate look like?

    First and foremost, I love to cook and try new recipes whenever I have time.  Below is my ideal day on a plate:


    Vanilla Nuzest Protein Oats with co-yo, nuts of choice (walnuts & pecans), fresh fruit (mango, strawberry and Kiwi) and a scoop of almond butter

    Post-Practice Shake:

    Cherry Chocolate Nuzest shake:
    1 banana
    1/2 cup cherries
    2 scoops Chocolate Nuzest
    1/2 TBS cinnamon


    Veggie Wrap: Jalapeño hummus, avocado, bell-peppers (capsicum), mushrooms, spinach, carrots, green onions, tomatoes, vegan cheese, vegan chipotle aioli, little olive oil and salt and pepper.


    Beetroot Burgers w/ sweet potato chips

    Just before bedtime:

    Bedtime tea and a cheeky piece of dark chocolate

  7. What are three things that are important to you?

    My family and friends are most important to me because they have consistently been such a great support system I’ve needed throughout my professional career and in life.

    My heath which is very much my lifestyle and something I take very seriously.

    Being a positive influence in the lives of people I meet.

  8. Motto you live by, or best words of advice?

    Be kind, work hard and good things will happen.

  9. Why Nuzest?

    Why wouldn’t I pick Nuzest 🙂  Being a vegan athlete for the past three years it was hard to find a protein that was 100 percent vegan, tastes good, clean and provided enough protein to help fuel my body day in and day out.

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    Photo: Aleksandar Jason @thatfootballphotog