Nuzest Bars: The Journey

Nuzest is excited to announce the relaunch and reformulation of both our protein and multivitamin bars this July, 2021.

This year the Nuzest team have been working hard to bring you a new and improved even better tasting bar range. From the nutritional powerhouse of the Good Green Vitality multivitamin bar, to the clean and tasty Coconut & Lemon and Almond & Vanilla protein bars, to the decadent Chocolate Peanut Butter protein bar – there are options to suit all palettes.

Over time, our team has gained valuable consumer feedback, which has helped us craft fresh formulations that help us to continue to support health, resilience and vitality, on-the-go.

The Good Green Vitality Multinutrient Bar

Nuzest launched the Good Green Stuff Bars (now known as Good Green Vitality Bars) in New Zealand, where the bar concept was first tested. The aim was to make Nuzest’s flagship product, Good Green Stuff – a multinutrient greens powder – into a convenient and accessible snack bar.

In 2016, when Chris Barge (Nuzest’s Global COO) joined the company, the bars were brought into the Australian market from New Zealand. With growth and expansion in mind, the bar manufacturing facility was moved to Melbourne, where we worked closely with the new manufacturer to refine the bars’ overall taste and texture.

The Formulation

Since then, the Good Green Vitality Bar formulation itself has not changed radically. Firstly, Good Green Stuff was re-formulated and rebranded in 2019, improving and updating the formula to what it is today. With 75+ ingredients and 24 vitamins and minerals Good Green Vitality is the gold standard in nutritional support.

Small tweaks have been made to the ingredients from the original bar recipe. For example, we decided to swap whole dates to a date paste, in order to avoid the presence of date seeds in the bar. We have included the addition of high fibre wholefood ingredients (cashew and almond nuts), and have increased the protein content to improve satiety. The team’s major focus was to improve the overall taste and texture of the bars whilst ensuring a convenient and nutrient dense product.

The 2021 relaunch of the Good Green Vitality Multivitamin Bars:

The latest and greatest version of our Multivitamin Bar contains a half serve (5g) of Good Green Vitality powder. It’s a super blend of plant-based ingredients, 20+ essential vitamins and minerals, pre and probiotics, superfoods and more, in one handy pocket-sized snack.

The Good Green Vitality powder has been blended with clean and high-fibre wholefoods including apricots, dates, cashews, sunflower seeds, almonds and chia for a delicious texture and taste.

Every bite aims to support better digestion, healthier-looking skin, a more robust immune and nervous system, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

The Clean Lean Protein Bars

When the Nuzest team decided to add protein bars to the range, the aim was not only to stay true to the brand, but to also create a nutritional product that we would love to eat ourselves.

The Formulation

First and foremost, when creating the Clean Lean Protein Bar, we prioritised choosing the cleanest, wholefood ingredients – aligned with the name of the bar and our brand values.

The team approached our manufacturers in Melbourne to begin the development of our initial protein bar range. The main consideration when developing the bars was to check the formulation met key nutritional targets, while ensuring the flavour, taste and texture were genuinely appealing to the consumer.

We worked closely with a team of specialists throughout this journey to support the development of the bars and were met with some challenges in regards to their texture and shelf life as we were adamant about using only clean, natural ingredients.

In 2020, an executive decision was made to swap manufacturers and completely reformulate our bars in order to explore different solutions that would allow us to improve the taste, texture and shelf life of the bars, without sacrificing our commitment to clean ingredients.

The new team put their heads together and came up with the answers we needed. Finally happy with the formula, we went on to create three delicious flavours:

– Almond & Vanilla

– Coconut & Lemon

– Peanut Butter &Chocolate

2021 Launch of our new Clean Lean Protein Bars:

Nuzest is excited to launch our range of Clean Lean Protein Bars – a delicious plant-based high-protein snack. With a focus on clean, wholefood ingredients and a balanced macronutrient profile, our bars have been made by blending our premium European golden pea protein with whole fruits, nuts and seeds. The bars are high in digestible protein and dietary fibre, and low in sugar and carbohydrates.

Each bar contains the cleanest ingredients without fillers or refined sugar. Available in three delicious flavours, these bars are plant-based and made with minimal ingredients for maximum flavour.

Nuzest produces the cleanest, most effective nutritional supplements on the market. All products are built on concrete science and efficacy. The range is entirely vegan, clean and free from nasties.

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