Nuzest Giving Back

As often as we can, we get involved with organisations that are accomplishing great things and that are aligned with our company beliefs or are dear to the hearts of our staff. These are just a few of the organisations that we have been providing ongoing support to, in appreciation for what they give back to our society.

  • Kiss Goodbye to MS
  • Zambi Wildlife Retreat
  • John Maclean Foundation
  • Steve Waugh Foundation
MS Research Australia and Kiss Goodbye to MS

Having a direct link and importance to the founding purpose of Nuzest, we have been a strong supporter of MS Research Australia since its inception over 15 years ago.  MS Research Australia is the largest Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to funding, coordinating, educating and advocating for MS research as part of the worldwide effort to solve MS.
Click here to read the full article on Nuzest’s relationship with Kiss Goodbye to MS

Zambi Wildlife Retreat

Zambi Wildlife Retreat is a very unique animal welfare charity that provides a ‘resort style’ retirement retreat for animals that have retired from the circus, entertainment industry, zoo breeding programs and private ownership. While the organisation focuses on exotic animals (mainly big cats), they also offer shelter to domestic, farm and native wildlife needing a forever home. Managed by highly qualified staff and volunteers, Zambi Wildlife Retreat ensures the health, safety and dignity to the care of all their all animals.

While Zambi is not open for public walk-ins, the Nuzest team has had the amazing opportunity to spend some time and volunteer at the sanctuary, helping to build homes for the animals.

Nuzest donates annually to the cause as well as attends and supports fundraising events, where we supply products for auctions and raffles. We also deliver an enduring supply of products to the founders of Zambi, Donna and Tracy, who have both recovered from serious medical conditions, in order to help support their recovery and ongoing health and wellbeing.

John Maclean Foundation

The John Maclean Foundation (JMF) is the organisation founded by extraordinary athlete, philanthropist and human being, John Maclean. The JMF raises money to support minors that have special needs; motivating, inspiring and enabling Australian kids in wheelchairs to chase their dreams.

Nuzest supports John personally, by providing supplying him with Nuzest products to help support his health, sporting endeavours, recovery and endless remarkable physical accomplishments. We engage John for our corporate invents for his truly inspirational and motivational talks and donate to the JMF and the incredible work the foundation accomplishes.

Steve Waugh Foundation – The Captain’s Ride

The Steve Waugh Foundation was founded by renowned Australian international cricketer, Steve Waugh, supporting children and young adults (0-25yrs) with the rarest diseases. The foundation strives to be somewhere to turn for “no one should have to stand alone. Everyone needs a team,” Steve Waugh AO.

The charity works to give the children and young adults a better quality of life, offering support and the opportunity to connect with others through individual grants, respite camps and raising awareness.

Nuzest donates to the charity, understanding the importance of community and care when faced with complex medical conditions, and Nuzest CEO, Trevor Bolland participates in The Captain’s Ride; an internationally attended 6-day on road cycle Tour, bringing people from all walks of life leading, inspiring, supporting and guiding others.

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