Nuzest, MS Research Australia and Kiss Goodbye to MS

Having a direct link and importance to the founding purpose of Nuzest, we have been a strong supporter of MS Research Australia since its inception over 15 years ago.  MS Research Australia is the largest Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to funding, coordinating, educating and advocating for MS research as part of the worldwide effort to solve MS.

In 2012, MS Research Australia began an awareness campaign to help raise the profile for MS. The response was overwhelming and the next year, Kiss Goodbye to MS was born, becoming the awareness and fundraising arm of MS Research Australia. Every year an annual percentage of Nuzest profits is donated to Kiss Goodbye to MS with the intent to support finding a cure for MS.

Kiss Goodbye to MS is one of the major charities we partner with every year. Our staff partake in the annual May 50K event, enter as a team in the City2Surf to represent and raise funds for Kiss Goodbye to MS, as well as provide support through direct donations, driving fundraising and contributing to their calendar events through volunteering staff, preparing catering, and donating goodie bags and raffle prizes.

In 2019, the global distribution network of Nuzest got involved in supporting The Great Wall of China expedition through Kiss Goodbye to MS, running regional competitions, raising awareness and donations, and sending winners from around the world to partake in this adventurous fundraising initiative.

Nuzest CEO and Founder, Trevor Bolland, explains the importance of supporting a foundation such as Kiss Goodbye to MS: “I know that any funds we raise for MS Research Australia are put straight back into funding world-class research and clinical trials focused on alleviating symptoms and potentially reversing the damage the disease has already caused for those previously diagnosed with MS. Any contribution, big or small, means the team at MS Research Australia are one step closer to the cure and that will be a truly remarkable moment.” Nuzest continues to campaign tirelessly to provide vital funding for MS research, as Trevor acknowledges that while knowledge, understanding and treatment options have come a long way, “breakthrough medications became available as a result of funding MS research and we remain hopeful that further research will find a cure for MS.”

In 2020, Monique Bolland, daughter of Trevor and Co-Founder of Nuzest, became an official ambassador for Kiss Goodbye to MS. Through sharing her journey with MS, and inspiring the support of Australia, Monique will help Kiss Goodbye to MS to heighten awareness, accelerate fundraising and achieve the vision of improved prevention, better treatments and towards finding a cure for MS.

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