Putting sustainability into practice: why we choose Pisane®

As part of our commitment to our People, Planet and Products, we are continuously looking for ways to ensure that our products are manufactured with only the highest quality ingredients that are also kind to the environment. This is why we choose Pisane® as the only source of protein for our Nuzest range.

Pisane® is a pea protein isolate produced by Belgian raw material suppliers, Cosucra. It is non-GMO and organically farmed for environmental reasons, sustainability and protection of the ecosystem. On top of this, Pisane® is our protein of choice as:

  • peas use less water and less land than other production methods of protein; both animal and plant-sourced.
  • peas are a sustainable crop, putting nitrogen back into the soil.
  • our peas are barged from the fields of Northern France across the border to Cosucra’s facility, reducing the carbon footprint.
  • no chemicals are used; it is a water-based isolation process.
  • all water used is purified and recycled.
  • all waste is used for either biofuel or animal feed.
  • there is less likelihood of contamination in a European facility than in many other parts of the world.

Outside of Pisane®, Cosucra and Nuzest share many similar company philosophies and practices that allow us to create better products and a more responsible industry together. We share a mutual respect for the environment, we practice responsible ethics, we function transparently, and both believe in the healing and beneficial powers of nature.

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