The May 50K & Nuzest Round-up

Each year, Nuzest staff partake in the annual The May 50K event to support the global fight against multiple sclerosis (MS) – the most commonly acquired neurological disease. Having a direct link and importance to the founding purpose of Nuzest, we have been a long time supporter, with Kiss Goodbye to MS being one of the major charities Nuzest partners with each year.

The May 50K is a self-paced global online fitness and fundraising challenge for individuals of all ages and abilities. The goal for each participant is to track and complete 50kms (walking, running, swimming, cycling etc.) in the month of May. This event is hosted by Kiss Goodbye to MS – a global community fundraising campaign dedicated to raising awareness and valuable funds for research into the prevention, better treatments and cures for MS. 

Outside of Nuzest HQ in Australia, we encouraged all of our global distributors to get on board and take part in raising awareness for MS. A number of our distributors took part in the challenge, encouraging their local community to get involved and fundraise. Nuzest New Zealand and Nuzest Europe made an amazing effort in fundraising and tracking their kilometers in The May 50K challenge.  

The Nuzest Round-Up

Charlotte Goodall, the Business Development Manager from MRSA kindly shared with us Nuzest’s summary of efforts in The May 50K. 

There are some amazing results to note – 

  • Nuzest, as a workplace collectively raised $12,549
  • Nuzest ranked #11 on the workplace board out of nearly 500 teams
  • Trevor Bolland (Nuzest Founder and CEO) clocked up 831km in the month of May

Nuzest’s annual participation in The May 50K helps towards accelerating research into prevention, better treatments and ultimately cure for multiple sclerosis. 

Earlier this year we announced that Nuzest is now the official nutrition partner of MS Research Australia. Having a direct link and importance to the founding purpose of Nuzest, we have been a strong supporter of MS Research Australia (MSRA) and their Kiss Goodbye to MS initiative since we began. 
With enough funding and support, researchers around the world endeavour to solve the mystery of MS and find not only the cause, but also the cure.⁠ Want to get involved? You can donate or fundraise with Kiss Goodbye to MS by clicking here.

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