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Nuzest Head Office

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Nuzest is sold all over the world, both in stores and online. Please visit your regional site for stockists and purchase options:

Australia/ New Zealand


Middle East

North & South America


All of our regional sites are operated independently. Get in touch with your local distributor below:

Our Nuzest websites are all operated independently so for enquiries relating to orders or accounts you will need to contact the website you purchased from. If you are unsure where you purchased from, locate your Invoice or Order Confirmation email and check the ‘from’ address. This email will have been sent from the same URL you purchased through.
Click here to view the list of Nuzest websites

Firstly, have you tried searching our Frequently Asked Questions database? You will find answers to many of our product-related questions in there. For anything else please skip down to ‘Something else?’.

If you are interested in stocking Nuzest in your store, please contact your regional distributor (see the list above under ‘Where can I buy Nuzest?’).

If Nuzest is not yet available in your country and you would like to discuss becoming a national distributor, please fill out the form below to send us an enquiry:

For all other enquiries, please fill out the form below.
Note that these emails are received by the Nuzest Head Office team in Australia. If you enquiry relates to an order you have placed, we highly recommend you contact the website which you purchased through (see above for a list of all our regional sites).